Family Dentistry, Guelph-Style

From kids to grandparents, we nurture healthy smiles for the whole family. Certified, premier family dentistry services in Guelph including dental cleanings, extractions, dental crowns, bridges, braces, and other orthodontics treatments for every age!

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What is Guelph Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry is a holistic approach to dental care that focuses on the overall well-being of the patient and your whole family!

During family dental practice, we aim on providing oral care across generations for patients of all ages, ranging from children, and teens to adults. Our concentration is on providing the best treatment while focusing on educating every family member to promote good oral hygiene practices. Our Guelph family dentistry also provides continuous and follow-up care to patients, building long-term relationships.

We provide extra care to monitor changes in the patient’s oral health over the years. Our team emphasizes providing preventive care, anticipating any dental diseases, and treating them early.

What Does Guelph Family Dentistry Mean?

Family dentistry in Guelph means a family dentist that provides oral care for people of all ages. With family dental care, you’ll have one practitioner for all your family members. Your dentist will be aware of your family history and can provide proper family dental care in Guelph. Moreover, it’ll be easy for you to book appointments and visit the dentist on the same day.  

What Does A Family Dentist Do?

When you choose a family dentist, your loved ones enjoy the expanded services that a dentist provides. Family dental practice protects you, your elders, and young ones from genetic diseases. Since your family dentist will be aware of these oral problems, they can provide preventive dental care and treatment to ensure your family has healthy smiles.

What are the types of dental services that are typically offered to families?

Family dentists are trained to provide a wide range of services such as regular checkups, emergency dental services, oral exams, dental bridges, crowns, filling and other general services. The key value a family dentist provides is preventative care. They will ask and tell about:

How often should you brush their teeth? How to perform flossing? And why is flossing so important?

Family dentists also create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that makes dental visits less stressful, especially for children. If you like to discover additional information about the family dental practice or the offered services, schedule an appointment or contact a family dentist by phone.

Welcoming New Patients

If you are looking for a family dentist, look no further. We always welcome new patients of all ages. You can book a dental consultation with our team today to get started. We look forward to seeing you!