Emergency Dental Exams in Guelph

We provide dental examination under urgent circumstances to address sudden problems such as tooth pain, broken or loose tooth, or mouth swelling. We also offer treatment options depending upon the issue.

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What are emergency dental exams?

An emergency dental exam is an oral dental exam that is done when a patient is suddenly feeling dental pain and has urgent dental problems. The exam is conducted to understand what is causing the pain so the issue can be addressed, relieve pain and prevent further damage and infection. If you are experiencing severe pain, we recommend you get access to an emergency room right away.

What constitutes a dental emergency?

Emergency dental exams encompass the same thing as a normal dental exam, except it’s done in an urgent manner. This includes examining the patient’s teeth, gums, and overall structure to determine the cause of the pain. They may also ask what the patient has done differently in the most recent timeframe to narrow down what may have caused the sudden pain. Maybe the patient ate something or unknowingly cause an injury to their teeth. The answers to these questions can help determine the cause and narrow down the problem.

What is the best method of contact for an emergency dental exam?

Most dentists require booking in advance, however, it’s possible to book an emergency appointment if you are experiencing severe dental pains. If the pain is extremely severe, we recommend you go to the emergency room of your local hospital and consult a doctor.

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