Sports Guards

Sports guards are a great way to protect your teeth and gums when playing sports such as football, boxing, rugby and hockey. We ensure the sports guards are fitted to your mouth and are able to absorb shock and spreading force evenly.  

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What are Sports Guards?

Sports guards or mouth guards are protective guards that are worn over the teeth and gums to protect them from injury during contact sports such as boxing, martial arts, hockey football or more. They function as the individuals using them bite down on the mouth guard, keeping it tight and in place protecting teeth and gums.

Why use Sports Guards?

It’s important to take preventive measures when playing competitive sports such as hockey, boxing, rugby or football. Sports guards offer safety for your teeth and are really a low-cost method of preventing any damage to your gums. It’s an important part of an athlete’s protective gear.

What materials are sports guards made from?

They are also made from a flexible material that sits comfortably around your teeth. They take the shape of the teeth once they are worn over. They are recommended for athletes of all ages and skill levels who take part in contact sports helping reduce the risk of dental and jaw injuries.

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