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Our dental practice offers the best dental care in Guelph. Our skilled team truly believed in preventive care, dental extraction and safe treatments which help our patients maintain their oral health for the long term.

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What Sets us Apart?

Prioritizing Patients

We prioritize our patient’s needs and wants over everything else. We get right to the dental concerns you have brought to us and give you options in a clear and transparent manner.

We are on your side, and understand the anxiety many patients can feel such as fear of cost, fear of treatment and how this will impact you.

Equality and Respect

We are a family-oriented dentistry that treats everyone with the utmost respect irrespective of if they come to our office with dental insurance, government insurance or no insurance. 

We look at your individual dental situation and offer treatment accordingly. We have heard many positive comments from our patients regarding this aspect and we are honoured to provide the best service possible.

Comfortable Experience

Our dental office is not owned by a big Corporation but rather owned privately by Dr. Kapil Surana who personally knows and takes care of his patients. We understand that every patient has different needs and we are willing to accommodate each patient the best we possibly can. 

We also understand that languages can be a barrier to communication and comfort. We speak other languages such as Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu to help you feel more comfortable.

Knowledge & Competence

Our dental staff is experienced and brings in a wealth of knowledge, technical expertise and hand on experience to the dentistry. This allows them to diagnose and treat a wide array of dental issues with confidence and precision. 

Our staff also helps educating you on proper oral hygiene practices and recommend the best course of action that will help you maintain healthy teeth and gums. An experienced dental staff is key to providing top notch dental care.

Our Dental Services

We provide services across several different dental categories including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry. We also handle a wide variety of dental emergencies.

Our Dentistry Team

Our dental team is dedicated to providing a comfortable experience while being dedicated to your oral health. We have over 25+ years of experience in treating all kinds of dental issues.

Providing Dental Services in Guelph

Our team is proud to serve the community of Guelph in the field of dentistry. We have been serving the community for over 8+ years and will continue to provide exceptional service to our patients.

Our Dental Office