Night Guards

We offer custom night guards to prevent subconscious grinding and biting of the teeth. Grinding teeth can cause pain to the teeth, jaw and surrounding teeth structures which may lead to pain and discomfort.  

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What is a Night Guard?

A night guard is used to treat a condition called bruxism – in which a person grinds or clenches their teeth subconsciously, which can lead to a wide range of dental issues such as worn down chipped teeth, ground down teeth and also jaw pain. A night guard acts as a barrier between the teeth making sure they don’t grind with one another preventing grinding and subsequently preventing a lot of dental issues.

In what circumstances do you use a night guard?

A night guard is recommended by a dentist after an oral examination, examining the teeth bite and x-rays. The teeth impressions are sent to the dental laboratory to make the night guard. Night guards are a preventive part of the dental process and help prudent further damage to the teeth and jaw. They can also help to alleviate any pain or discomfort caused by bruxism.

What materials are used to make the night guard?

It is made from a soft and flexible material that perfectly fits the teeth, providing a secure and comfortable fit for the patient. They are not intruding or directly impact the teeth in any manner. They are simply a guard that is worn which prevents further damage to the teeth and jaw.

Who performs the emergency dental procedures?

They are performed by a general dentist or that specializes in treating the issue that’s causing the pain and related issues. In order to reduce pain, we can use anesthesia or other sedatives to help patients relic and alleviate pain during the procedure.

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