Emergency Dental Procedures in Guelph

We perform emergency dental procedures to address sudden dental problems such as severe tooth pain, facial swelling or any other pain. To alleviate the pain, we may carry out treatments such as root canals, dental bridging or extractions.

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What is an emergency dental procedure?

An emergency dental procedure, as the name suggests, is a dental procedure that is performed to address an urgent dental problem that may be causing severe pain and discomfort. They can be performed during regular hours or outside regular hours to relieve pain or save a tooth that is in danger of causing further dental issues. It is important to understand that if you are in severe pain and are unable to get hold of a dentist, we recommend you seek emergency care to ensure safety and prevent further complications

What is included in the emergency dental procedure?

Emergency dental procedures could vary widely but they are generally related to the following:

  • Teeth extraction: Removing a tooth that is causing severe pain or infection
  • Implementing crowns and bridges: To restore a broken tooth or bridge the gap between tooth
  • Treating infected gums: Fixing a gum infection that causes severe pain or swelling
  • Root canal: Root canals can be performed on an infected tooth to save it from an extraction

Who performs emergency dental procedures?

Dental procedures are performed by dental professionals or dentists. If you are in severe pain, you may want to see your regular dentist immediately. If he or she is not available, we recommend you visit your nearby hospital.

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