Dental Extractions in Guelph

Dental extractions are a dental procedure that removes damaged, impacted, or decaying teeth. At North Eastview Dental, we provide a safe and comfortable extractions, performed by our experienced dentists using the latest technology.

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What are dental extractions?

A dental extraction is exactly as the term suggests, it’s a process of extracting or removing one or more teeth from a patient’s mouth. This is generally performed when the tooth is decays to a point that it can no longer be recovered. Dental extractions don’t always have to be for tooth decay but they can also be for removing wisdom teeth. 

Are dental extractions painful?

Dental extractions are a common procedure that can be performed by your dentist to help maintain your oral health. If the patient is anxious or is experiencing pain, they are given some form of sedation or anesthesia before the procedure is performed. Dental extractions are typically only painful when the tooth has an infection or is diseased. If you have a healthy tooth that needs to be removed, you might experience some mild discomfort during the procedure, but it should not be very painful.

If you experience tooth pain on a regular basis, which may not be related to dental extractions. We have put together the Top 10 ways of Dealing with Tooth Pain. Following these steps can help alleviate some pain. However,  if are experiencing pain, we recommend you give us a call or visit your local dentist.

How long does it take to recover from dental extractions?

Once the tooth or teeth have been removed, the patient may experience some discomfort and to deal with that discomfort, the dentist generally prescribes medication. The time to recovery varies by patient as well but generally it takes anywhere from 2 -4 weeks to perform full recovery 

What are the benefits of a dental extraction?

Dental extractions are a safe, effective way to provide oral health care for your mouth. There can be several benefits of removing teeth that are broken, damaged, or infected. Dental extractions can also help prevent future complications by preventing bacteria from spreading throughout your mouth. They are performed to remove teeth that are damaged, not properly positioned in the mouth, or decayed. Extractions can also help you to eat and speak properly.

What are the potential complications of a dental extraction?

Dental extractions can cause potential complications. The most common complication is bleeding, which is usually mild and can be controlled with the use of gauze or pressure. You should also expect some swelling for up to three days after the procedure, but it will subside over time. You may also experience pain in your jaw or face that lasts for several days after the procedure. You can take over-the-counter pain medications such help alleviate this discomfort.

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