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Pediatric is a branch of dentistry that specifically focuses on children. Pediatric dentists educate children and their subsequent family members about the importance of good oral health and maintenance.

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What is pediatric dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on children. In conjunction with a four-year dental degree, pediatric dentists also complete an additional two years of pediatric residency program which qualifies them to be a pediatric specialist. They are responsible for maintaining gums and teeth over the childhood phase. They are trained to provide a wide range of dental services and diagnoses related to tooth decay, gum disease, child teeth cleaning, teeth eruption and more. Pediatric dentists also educate children on how to properly maintain good oral health, helping them in-still habits early.

How do you take care of kids teeth?

  1. Start early as possible as the first set of teeth or teeth starts appearing. Use a soft brush and water to gently clean the tooth
  2. Discipline your children to brush their teeth twice a day with floss at night time
  3. Child teeth cleaning is essential, use a simple damp cloth to wipe the baby’s teeth and gums
  4. Kids tend to consume sugary and acidic foods and drinks, limit the consumption of such foods as they can cause decay
  5. Use some fun toothbrushes or make the routine fun so kids are encouraged to follow through and it’s not boring
  6. Always make sure you are around and looking over your children as they perform brushing and flossing. They are young and it’s important they don’t harm themselves
  7. Continue stressing the importance of oral health as they get older and continue to instill good oral habits

Why do I need a dentistry that is experienced in providing services to children?

As an adult, we never think of dentists treating children differently as we assume most needs of the patients are the same. However, that’s not always the case. Even in adults, cases vary widely.  For example, some adults may be more anxious than others and some may also have special needs that need to be taken into consideration. Our dental care4kids office atmosphere offers a positive experience thanks to our friendly and skilled staff.

There are a few things a general dentist needs to do apart from their accreditation. They need to provide a comfortable and playful environment for the kids so it doesn’t feel as hostile. Not every dentist is equipped for pediatric dentistry and you should be careful when selecting dentistries for your children. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are they trained to deal with kids?
  • Do they have the right atmosphere?
  • Would my child feel comfortable?
  • Is the staff and doctor knowledgeable?
  • Does the clinic offer the ultimate dental care4kids experience?

What are shark teeth in kids?

Shark teeth refer to a condition where a child’s baby or primary teeth don’t fall out as expected, however, a permanent tooth grows behind the primary tooth. This gives it the appearance of shark-like teeth as they are coming in from behind the primary tooth. This condition is common in the bottom teeth, however, it can happen to any set of teeth.

What does a baby eruption chart look like?

Eruption refers to the teeth coming through the gums. A baby eruption chart shows a typical timeline for when a child’s baby or primary teeth will erupt or come through the gums and will be replaced by permanent teeth. Below we have listed a typical teeth eruption order.

  1. Lower central incisors (around 6-12 months)
  2. Upper central incisors (around 8-12 months)
  3. Upper lateral incisors (around 9-13 months)
  4. Lower lateral incisors (around 10-16 months)
  5. First molars (around 13-19 months)
  6. Canines (around 16-22 months)
  7. Second molars (around 25-33 months)

Every child is different and some may experience tooth eruption at different times. It is fairly common for some teeth to take longer to come in or to not come in at all. You can contact us to help provide more information and guidance regarding the specific case of the child. 

We have put together A Guide to Understanding Tooth Eruptions which can help you stay on top of your child’s teeth eruptions as they move toward adulthood.

What are the different dental cleaning treatments and services for children?

Cleaning treatments and services are similar to the ones offered to adults. However, the procedures, tools and atmosphere are geared toward caring for young kids. Keep in mind that children get anxious and scared more than adults, therefore, it’s important to make sure the atmosphere is comfortable for the kids and correct sedation treatments are used when necessary. Listed below are some of the dental treatments and services for children:

  1. Preventive cleanings: These include regular cleanings that are designed to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. They typically include a thorough cleaning of the teeth and gums and fluoride treatment to help strengthen the teeth.
  2. Fluoride treatment: Fluoride is applied to the teeth to help strengthen and protect them from decay. It is usually applied in different forms such as gels, varnishes, or rinses.
  3. Dental X-rays: X-rays are used to detect potential problems such as cavities, impacted teeth, or other issues that may not be visible during a visual exam.
  4. Dental restorations: If a child has a cavity, the dentist may recommend a dental restoration such as a filling or a crown to repair the tooth.
  5. Orthodontics: Orthodontic treatment such as braces or clear braces can help correct issues such as crooked teeth or a bad bite.
  6. Children’s teeth cleaning: Child teeth cleaning is essential to maintaining good oral health for kids. Parents can begin cleaning their baby’s teeth as early as six months old, even before the teeth fully emerge. Initially, parents can use a clean damp cloth to wipe their baby’s gums and teeth. 

What causes shark teeth?

The exact reason for shark teeth is not known, however, it’s a combination of environmental or genetic factors. If there is a family history of shark teeth, it is more likely to happen in children. They can also develop if there are certain dental or jaw problems. Shark Teeth can cause a few problems including difficulty biting, chewing, crowding of the teeth and difficulty speaking.

What are the potential solutions for shark teeth?

If a child has shark teeth, the dentist will recommend removing the primary or baby tooth which allows the permanent tooth to come through correctly. Its one of the reason why regular dentist checkup are important, they help spot these types of problems early so they can be treated appropriately.

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